Kennedy Center Proposal - Jess + David

Kennedy Center Proposal – Jess + David

David is a US Marine Second Lieutenant Officer and Jess is a US Navy 1/C Midshipman.
Match made in heaven. :)
They are in love. And…that’s all that matters.
Love is a beautiful thing. I am so blessed to be doing photography for a living.
To be up close to LOVE all the time. It is indeed a beautiful thing.

Here’s a short write up from David as he planned his engagement. Man, let me tell you…what an honour to be part of this thing…I wish you all the best David and Jess! Enjoy the photos!

“On the night of June 28th, Jess and I “decided” to go out to DC to
unwind after a long week of work. However, she had no idea that I had
been planning for this night for weeks leading up to it. Luckily, she
never caught on.”

“Several weeks prior I got in contact with Whimboy and was excited to
have him capture the moment. His energy was contagious and I knew he
was the right one for the job. At that time I was planning to propose
at the Jefferson Memorial and was coordinating with Whimboy. However,
after visiting it at the proposed time I determined it was not the
right place. The next day I went to the Kennedy Center Rooftop
Terrace, a secluded and romantic spot, and instantly knew this was
where I would propose.”

The Tuesday night before the proposal, I told Jess I needed “to run
some errands.” During this time I met Whimboy at the Kennedy Center
to plan the photographs of the proposal. He was in the middle of
moving homes and made the time to coordinate this! After determining
the exact location to get down on one knee, I headed home to keep Jess
from getting suspicious. He was so thorough in this and ensured he
knew exactly how it would go down so that he could capture the shot.

Finally Saturday arrived! We went to Jess’ favorite restaurant,
Filomena’s in Georgetown, for dinner and then were going to get drinks
in Georgetown after. Dinner went smoothly, but after checking my watch
and seeing we were running a bit behind schedule according to the 9pm
I coordinated with Whimboy, so I quickly asked for the check to move
the night along. I asked if she wanted to grab drinks at a rooftop bar
at the Kennedy Center, but she didn’t seem too eager to go and said we
could just stay in Georgetown. I vetoed her idea, grabbed a cab, and
headed to the spot.

When we arrived at the Kennedy Center, the rooftop restaurant was
closed (I knew it would be from when I scouted the location with
Whimboy), but I convinced her to come to the roof to look at the views
anyway. When we got outside the sun was setting over Georgetown, which
fortunately distracted her from noticing the only other two people on
the rooftop…who happened to have cameras. I had been texting
Whimboy throughout dinner, during “restroom breaks,” and I knew he was
on location ready to shoot.

After walking around briefly, I took her to the spot Whimboy and I had
decided on. I gave her a wonderfully crafted proposal speech and given
that I am writing this, she said yes!! I heard the camera snapping
shots as I was on one knee so I knew he got the shots.

Just after the
proposal, he stayed with us to take some portraits to remember our

A little while later, and to her surprise, her entire
family appeared from around the corner to congratulate her on her
special night! He captured shots for the next hour around the
location and it was great to have such a memorable moment documented.

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