Engagement: Christine + Von

Engagement: Christine + Von

Chris Clarin + Von Velerio
UP Dilliman Engagement Session

Chris and Von approached me last January 2012 with an idea they had in mind.
It was a dream project. It’s now January 2013 and I don’t get to post all my work online
but how could I not post this engagement session.
It basically took 1 school year to finish. :)
Anyway, so yeah they approached me with a dream project and
they had this idea they wanted to show on their wedding day.
It was basically to recreate their college life in UP.
I didn’t hesitate and I was just as excited as them.
I knew the project would be a difficult one since it would take such a long time to do.
But I guess, patience is a virtue and after a year, I’m sharing you their life in UP.

It was an awesome experience Chris and Von. Thanks for having me take your photos. It was a blast!
Peace and God Bless

Here’s their prenup slideshow showed on their wedding day. Check it out!
Peace and God Bless

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